Regimen sanitatis Salerni [Regimen of Health], 1535

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Regimen sanitatis Salerni. This boke ... is translated out of the Latyne tonge in to Englyshe by Thomas Paynel. Whiche boke is amended, augmented, and diligently imprinted.
[Londini, In aedibus Tho. Bertheleti, 1535]
[6], 119, [1] l. ; 20 cm.
Copy donated to the Medical Historical Library by Harvey Cushing.

Regimen sanitatis Salerni presents a wonderful range of medicinals with unique observations on medicine, people and society in general. This electronic version was prepared by Richard Siderits, M.D. The high resolution images were scanned using a Plustek flatbed scanner "OpticPro UT12" at a resolution of 300-600 dpi with a JPEG compression of 1:10 to give an image file size of approximately 4 megabytes. Additional thumbnail images were sized to 1500 pixel width for a set of images with smaller file size (less than 1-Meg).